No Cape, Just Extraordinary Service
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New Construction Inspections

Your Super Inspector

“No Cape – Just Extraordinary Service”

Your Super Inspector, you will get a thorough inspection and a Whole Lot More!

If you are building a new house, we will walk with you through the process. We inspect the house during three phases of construction:

  • Phase 1: Pre-Pour Inspections – Prior to the foundation concrete being poured, we will inspect the site preparation, formboards, reinforcement system installation, vapor barrier installation, and plumbing rough in.
  • Phase 2: Pre-Covering Inspection – Prior to wall covering installation (drywall/sheetrock), we will inspect framing, roof, electrical rough in, plumbing rough in, HVAC rough in, venting systems, and any systems that will be hidden by exterior and interior wall coverings.
  • Phase 3: Final Inspection – After the house is complete, we will inspect all components from foundation to the roof and everything in between.

REMEMBER: With every full home inspection Super Inspector provides at NO COST:

  1. Free Termite Inspection with WDI Report
  2. Free 90-Day termite Warranty
  3. Free Thermal Camera Imaging
  4. Free Zip Level Foundation Measurements and Report Diagram
  5. Free Sprinkler Testing