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Super Tips from The Super Team

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  • Nov152019

    Inspection Confusion

    Inspection Confusion Let me tell you a story about an Inspector who did right, but, was done wrong.  The worst…

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  • Oct312019

    Foundation Maintenance Tips for Your Home

    CAUSES OF FOUNDATION PROBLEMS – HOW TO AVOID FOUNDATION PROBLEMS Drainage Drainage — Your yard should slope away from the…

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  • Mar252019

    Home Foundation Inspection is an important opinion

    Foundation Inspection Questions and Concerns   We, sometimes, get questions or comments concerning the foundation portion of our inspections. We…

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  • Feb082019

    What do you do when the Builder will not cooperate!

    Blake Williams, President of Super Inspector, operating in Dallas Fort Worth and Austin, Texas, discusses the importance of using a…

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  • Nov212018

    State of the Inspection Industry

    State of the Inspection Industry Blake Williams owner of Super Inspector, a Professional Inspection Company in the Dallas Fort Worth…

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  • Oct152018

    Let’s be clear about Home Inspection w/Blake Williams

    Blake Williams a Professional Inspector at Super Inspector, in Texas, Talks about “Underbussing”. I would like to address a common…

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Super Tips!

We’ve got the best Super Tips for how to keep your house or any other building up to snuff!

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 Super Tips


  • Buyers Inspection Services – If you are buying a new or pre owned home, a Professional Home Inspection is a must. The report will give you valuable information concerning your purchase and will assist with repair requests and negotiations.
  • Pre-Sale Inspections – A pre listing inspection will provide you valuable information to get your home ready for sale. You can market your house as being pre inspected, repair items on the inspection report to expedite the sales process. In addition you will be prepared to negotiate repair requests without any surprises.
  • Phase Inspections –If you are building a new house, we will walk with you through the process. We inspect the house during three phases of inspection:
    • Pre Pour Inspections – Prior to the foundation concrete being poured, we will inspect the site preparation, reinforcement system installation, vapor barrier installation, and plumbing rough in.
    • Pre Covering Inspection – Prior to wall covering installation, we will inspect framing, electrical rough in, and HVAC rough in.
    • Final Inspection – After the house is complete we will inspect all components from foundation to the roof and everything in between.
  • Commercial Properties, Apartments and Condominiums – If you are purchasing multi-family investment property, an inspection is a must. We have the experience you need to provide you information to make an informed decision. A recent client was able to negotiate the price of an apartment complex down by $100,000 based on our inspection report.
  • Termite Inspections – Many mortgage companies require a termite inspection as part of the financial underwriting. All residential home inspections include a Wood Destroying Insect inspection provided by MWW Services, Inc. TPCL #13905. MWW Services is a strategic partner and shares management with Clear Creek Inspections.
  • Pool Inspections – Super Inspector is staffed with Certified Pool Inspectors. A pool inspection will include the pool structure, equipment, and safety features. Swimming pool repairs can be a major expense. An inspection will let you know just what you’re diving into.
  • Septic Inspections – Septic system failure can be a nightmare for home owners. A professional inspection will include the functionality and safety of the system.
  • Private Water Well Inspections – A private water well inspection will include the function of the well equipment and a test of the water for harmful bacteria including Ecoli.